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You have been asking for it so we have responded. We now are offering a special digital wedding package. This package includes making a master of The Wedding Song with your names within the song and converted to mp3 format for downloading. You will also have a limited rights licenses for 500 digital downloads that you can share with family, friends and work associates. You package covers all cost to the singer, songwriters, and publishers along with the recording cost to produce a special version of The Wedding Song with your names. Now you can have your friends download your special Wedding Song to their protable music devices to enjoy for years. Your song will be password protected and only the people you give your special access code will be able to download the song. You will have the rights to increase the number of downloads at an additional license fee. This is a very economical way to provide your special wedding favor to many more at a significant cost savings.

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Our muscial CD wedding favor will bring many years of emotional pleasure and enjoyment to you, your family, and your friends. Our special favor is more along the lines of your wedding photographs to enjoy each and every time you play the CD. A traditional wedding favor only last for the day. How much real enjoyment will you get from playing cards, candles, or candy bars. This favor will never become old and out dated. What better way to remember the most important day of your marriage.

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We also have available a bridal party gift set at a very reasonable price for the budget minded. A CD for each member of the bridal party and the family of wedding couple.

You can combine our digital download package with any of the CD packages.

We also can provide these packages for celebration of your anniversary. What a great way to remember your wedding day on that special anniversary. Celebrate the 5th, 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th or the golden 50th anniversary with a special song.

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The Four Winds Collection has branched into the music marketing business. We started marketing music a few years ago and now have a new product. We are marketing a special wedding song as a Wedding Favor. This song can be personalized to have the names of the wedding couple within the music and their photographs on the cover and cd label.

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